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Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine


A table of Vietnamese cuisine

 About Us

Our Story

John (Thành) immigrated to the U.S. in 1990 when he was 18. He quickly took different jobs to help his family settle into the new life. John had always loved cooking and helping his mom in the kitchen. However, it wasn't until he started working in a Chinese kitchen in Indiana in 1997 that his simple interest in cooking turned into his lifetime career. For five years, he learned how to cook Chinese foods, then how to run a kitchen, and ultimately how to run a restaurant.
For the next 13 years, he worked as a cook and a manager for Vietnamese restaurants in Oregon, where he refined his skills and recipes. He was now determined to open his restaurant and serve the homestyle Vietnamese dishes that his family loved. 

In 2013, John lost his beloved wife to cancer. In 2016, he moved to Florida and worked as a manager in a Vietnamese restaurant until 2020. 
In 2017, he met Thu and found happiness again. Thu is a great cook with vast knowledge of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. They finally got married in 2020. Together they actively resumed his plan to open a restaurant. 
November 2021, an opportunity turned up. This time John decided to take it. He bought out Imperial Palace and renamed it Pho Thanh Thu - after his and his wife's first names. He changed the menu to reflect his roots and strength, removing most Chinese items while adding more Vietnamese dishes.

With the help of his mom and uncle, Pho Thanh Thu has started to gain footing in the South Beloit food scenes. The humble restaurant attracts loyal customers from miles away. Some even said it was worth their long drive from Chicago or Wisconsin to eat there. 
While John appreciates the love and support from all his guests, he wants to focus on becoming an indispensable part of the South Beloit community. When he's not busy in the kitchen, he loves to chat with his guests, listens to their feedback, and happily makes changes to satisfy them. 
He is giving back to his customers with discounts and perks such as buy 5 get one free pho, student discounts, etc. Make a mental note to ask about them next time you visit Pho Thanh Thu!


John and Pho Thanh Thu crew


John and his uncle in the kitchen


John and Thu at their wedding ceremony

Our Philosophy

All dishes are freshly made, served fresh to meet our standards.

​Rice Noodles


​Quality in Service and Food

Our Philosophy is based on Customer Service, Quality, and Integrity. We believe that the customers are our guests and deserve prompt, friendly, and courteous service. We want our guests to come with great expectations and leave with satisfaction.

Special Rice Dish


Pho with Beef Ribs

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Lantern Festival
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Our goal is to make sure you feel right at home by providing a relaxing atmosphere. 

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Takeout & Delivery

We offer online ordering for takeout and delivery for your convenience. 


Over 20 Years Of

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View Our Menu

Our menu includes a wide variety of appetizers, rice plates, and noodles.

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Glasses of Vietnamese milk coffee

Pho & Noodle Soup

Traditional Pho, Rice noodles & Egg noodles served with a variety of proteins and broth.

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Rice & Vermicelli Bowl

Grilled beef, pork, chicken, shrimp served with rice or vermicelli and fresh vegetables.

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Vietnamese coffee, sugarcane juice, fresh soy milk, and more to go with our delicious food.

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 Eye pleasing dishes from fresh ingredients



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We had Pho here and it was AMAZING. If you have ever traveled to Chicago, Madison or had Ramen at anywhere please try this local spot. They still serve the Chinese dishes that the restaurant is previously known for, but have added a whole other side of the menus that specializes in Vietnamese dishes. The atmosphere is neighborly and very relaxed. The owner came out and took our order and helped us navigate the menu. We have decided to to go down the menu and try every dish. This time we each had a huge bowl of Pho and split a delicious bbq chicken rice dish. The portions are huge and the plating looks amazing. Please give it a try and support a local business with amazing food.


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